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  We build homes that make the most of space.

We recognise the importance of location, budget and style but never forget the significance of the detail from additional power points to extra parking spaces.

We increase the quality of your living space and reduce the time and cost of running it - and, to do this, we build on the foundations of 'lifestyle' and 'lifecycle.

By Lifestyle we mean the way you live; your wants, your needs, your aspirations. You want comfortable surroundings and need to be close to transport and local amenities. You want high standards of functionality and need low levels of maintenance. And, more than this, you aspire to a living space that looks good and feels right… for a lifetime.

By Lifecycle, we mean planning and designing with the future in mind. Understanding that life changes affect the way you use your living space, we design homes with in-built flexibility but we also plan for the future. We reduce your long-term ownership costs and protect the environment by using renewable materials, harnessing natural power and minimising harmful emissions.


Do you ever get the feeling from your fuel bills that you're heating the whole street?

By fitting better thermal insulation, solar panels and other energy efficient devices, we aim to reduce heating bills by 50%

Source: XC0²