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    Mount Pleasant - West Horsley - Real Life Street Picture
  At Life Properties, we don’t just ‘weave the dream;’ at Mount Pleasant we offer real homes for real lives.

Our homes are designed to blend with the village street scenes. Rather than settling for synthetics, we use traditional materials such as timber for our window frames and copper for our guttering.

Each house is unique, based on traditional architectural styles but each is adapted to suit modern life, creating space for cars and bikes and for beautiful gardens that enhance life outdoors. And, keeping an eye on the future, we've made provision for communal waste recycling units.

Comfortable and adaptable, our interiors are also stylish and sophisticated. Each room is carefully planned to let your living space take the shape you want. A range of the latest internet/video/audio connection points allow you flexibility in your layouts.

Rising warm air heats the filtered fresh air that flows into each room. Efficient bathroom fittings stem the flood of high water bills. Solar panels take the heat off heating costs and minimise damaging emissions of carbon-dioxide. Lower costs and more comfortable living.

facts of Life

Education, careers, partnerships. Some decisions you make have a huge impact
on your life.

Deciding where to live is one of the biggest. Mount Pleasant has been developed to make that decision easier.